Mental Health First Aid

The Pāmu Academy’s Mental Health First Aid programme certifies participants as mental health first aiders in their workplaces. The programme provides practical information about key mental illnesses so that you can identify risks in the workplace, and provide assistance if someone is experiencing a mental health issue.

What's in the programme?

The course teaches a first aid process for non-crisis intervention which can be applied to someone experiencing depression, anxiety, psychosis and/ or the effects of an alcohol or substance disorder.

This provides the following process for dealing with the four complex crisis situations highlighted above.

  • Someone experiencing suicidal thoughts, feelings or behaviours
  • Someone experiencing a panic attack
  • Someone experiencing a severe psychotic episode
  • Someone experiencing high levels of intoxication (sometimes with aggressive behaviour).

The programme covers the four modules as described above. There are a variety of interactive exercises, DVDs, workshop exercises and group discussions as well as a highly informative two day material content.

Mental Health First Aid

Key programme outcomes

  • Improved confidence and skill when dealing with a mental health issue in the workplace
  • A greater awareness of mental health, and reduced stigma about mental illness.
  • Better promotion of mental health in the workplace through increased knowledge of the key areas of mental health.
  • A nationally recognised certificate qualification as a mental health first aider, provided by Mental Health First Aid Australia.
  • The Mental Health First Aid Manual – an extremely good reference guide.

Please email us for details around the programme dates.

Who should attend this programme?

This programme is of interest to those wishing to become mental health first aiders in their workplaces, as well as anyone interested in improving the knowledge and capability of an organisation in order to foster improved workplace mental health.

  • Min/Max participants: 15-20
  • Programme length: 2 Days

We can provide course options at any location in NZ. Please email or call for further details. 

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