Mental Health Awareness

The Pāmu Academy’s Mental Health Awareness programme provides a foundation level of information about mental health, mental health problems and mental illness in the workplace.

What's in the programme?

The course provides practical information about key mental illnesses so that they can identify risks in the workplace, and provide assistance if someone is experiencing a mental health issue.  

The programme analyses factors of workplace stress and offers tips and techniques for self-care in order to manage these more effectively.  

The course is highly interactive and employs the latest adult based learning principles to develop leaning outcomes.

Mental Health Awareness

Key programme outcomes

  • Improved confidence and skill when dealing with mental health problems in the workplace
  • A greater awareness of mental health, and reduced stigma about mental illness
  • Better promotion of good mental health and wellbeing in the workplace
  • Early intervention techniques which lead to faster recovery for people experiencing mental health problems
  • An understanding of how to integrate mental health and wellbeing into your existing safety leadership frameworks.
  • Techniques and tips around self-care, and routines to protect against stress and burnout.

Please email us for details around the programme dates.

Who should attend this programme?

The mental health awareness programme has been developed to provide learning and growth in relation to mental health across any corporate or professional platform.

  • Min/Max participants: 12-20
  • Programme length: 1 Day

We can provide course options at any location in NZ. Please email or call for further details.

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