Executive Resilience

Resilience refers to the ability to adapt and recover well with stress, adversity or change and is a critical skill set required by all Boards, Directors and Executives.

What's in the programme?

Participants will gain an understanding of the scientific research on stress, performance and resilience and be guided through a framework to review and improve their personal resilience.

The course is highly interactive and employs the latest adult based learning principles using small group activities, scenarios and role play interactions to develop learning outcomes.

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Key programme outcomes

Participants of Executive Resilience will take-away a clear understanding of:

  • The scientific research on stress, performance and resilience
  • The implications of this research as individuals, and as an executive team
  • How to support their colleagues in their development of resilience building
  • The strategies to improve recovery from stress and change, and to stay personally and professionally resilient.

Please email us for details around the programme dates.

Who should attend this programme?

The Pāmu Academy’s Executive Resilience course is offered in an accelerated 4 hour format targeted to all Boards, Directors, Chief Executives and Executive Leadership Teams.

  • Min/Max participants: 10-16
  • Programme length: 2-4 Hours

Post course coaching sessions (combining to a total of one hour).

We can provide course options at any location in NZ. Please email or call for further details.

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