Industry Safety Leadership

To change an industries practices and behaviours we need to start with our leaders. Industry Safety Leadership is a critical skill set required by all Boards, Directors, Chief Executives and Executive Leadership Teams.

What's in the programme?

Participants will learn new skills required to address the current industry challenges and their specific individual challenges, be able to utilise the tools and practices required to conduct effective safety conversations that start the shift in behaviours. 

The programme is highly interactive and employs the latest adult based learning principles to develop leaning outcomes.

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Key programme outcomes

Participants of one day industry safety leadership will take-away a clear understanding of;  

  • Good safety is good business
  • What industry safety leadership is and what can we do to implement change.
  • The skills required to identify and address risk
  • How to administer effective use and implementation of health and safety controls 
  • What the five keys to safety leadership are, needed to engage, challenge and demonstrate high performance
  • What a simple, practical and effective communication tool looks like and how to use during any safety interaction, which overall assists to break down barriers, raise awareness and gain individual commitment to change.

Please email us for details around the programme dates.

Who should attend this programme?

The Pāmu Academy’s Industry Safety Leadership programmes are offered in an accelerated one day format targeted to all industry leaders and organisational teams.

  • Min/Max participants: 10-16
  • Programme length: 1 day

We can provide programme options at any location in NZ. Please email or call for further details.

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